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Real Estate Analytics
& Urban Intelligence
Combined into One Platform

From novice real estate investors to institutional investors, we help investors finding the right market that works for them.

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400+ Real Estate focused data set

Location Scores

Dissects US cities into tract-level granularity and provides three types of scores along with unique urban insights for multifamily investors.

Current Score is made up of combined factors driving current housing value.

Growth Score is made up of combined factors that are highly correlated with housing value growth for the past 3 years. 

Forecast Score is the average housing value forecast YoY change % for the next 5 years. We have a strong confidence-level with 90%+ accuracy.

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Market Overview

A snapshot of each location including demographics, connectivity, talent, housing-related factors, location accessibility, sustainability, etc.

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Compare important information and score of each location with up to three different areas.

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Customizable Score

Create your own location score based on your selection of factors & weights, to reflect your perspective and find a specific location that matches your taste.

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100+ location analysis with one click

Data Analytics

Use more advanced features such as cluster analysis and correlation analysis to improve your accuracy of location and factor selection.

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Ready to Save Your Market Due Diligence Time?

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