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Winter is coming. Which market will survive?

We calculated Market Stadium’s housing market resilience score and identified the counties with higher housing market resilience scores. Market stadium’s housing market resilience score is calculated based on the distance to the highway, unemployment, the ratio of automobile commuting, population density, and walkability. The table below shows the top 20 counties with higher housing market resilience scores out of 600+ counties that Market Stadium covers.

Housing Market Resilience Rank by County

Source: Market Stadium

The above scores and rankings were calculated based on many academical studies. Resilience is the ability to quickly bounce back to a stable state by reducing risks and damage from challenges. Some studies applied this concept of resilience to the housing market. For example, Raymond et al. (2016) define property value resilience as “a property’s ability to maintain and recover its value during and after an economic recession”, and Wang, K. (2019) defines housing market resilience as “the ability of the housing market to bounce back from a shock to the pre-existing system relatively quickly and to maintain a relatively stable condition after a shock”. They also have explored the drivers of housing market (or value) resilience, and the main drivers revealed in the studies are as follows:

Drivers of Housing Market Resilience

At Market stadium Platform, you can analyze resilience scores and more using 400+ factors under 25+ categories. For more information, please feel free to book a demo using the link:

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