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Top 10 Most Affordable MSAs for renters

The good local housing affordability proves that residents can make more flexible choices. This means that renters have the purchasing power to move if they are offered a better quality home that is attractive enough.

This is probably the information that investors and developers need. So let's take a look at the most affordable MSAs. We looked at rent-to-income as an index. Here are the top 10 MSA regions.

Out of the 10 MSAs, I was wondering which area is more affordable. Therefore, to look at the more interesting results, we compared counties in the Top 10 MSA. Here are the Top 10 counties among the top 10 affordable MSAs. Results 4 counties in Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN were ranked in the top 10, and 3 counties in Omaha-Council Bluffs and NE-IA were ranked in the top 10.

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