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Top 10 Notable Major MSAs for multifamily investment

With continuous increases in interest rates and growing concern for the recession that might be coming, multifamily and residential properties in the US, which are the least cyclical and stable asset types, are becoming the most attractive asset type to invest in.

Market Stadium analyzed MSAs with a larger population (over 2,000,000) and identified the notable markets. These are the top 10 notable big markets Market Stadium had selected out of 126 MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Area) that Market Stadium covers. We have used our three default scores.

Below are the criteria that we have used

  • Total population higher than 2,000,000

  • Market Stadium Current Market Score- represents current stability (1/3 weight)

  • Market Stadium Growth Score- represents growth for the past 3 years (1/3 weight)

  • Market Stadium Forecasting Score- represents High growth potential of housing value for the next 3 years (1/3 weight)

Top 10 Major MSAs by equally weighted Market Stadium Default Scores

All scores are relative percentile scores, comparing each MSA to all other MSAs that Market Stadium covers. Each default score is made up of 35 subfactors under 13 categories, and each indicator and subfactor could be customized with the user's selection.

If you are interested to check out which indicators make up each default Market Stadium score, please feel free to book a demo using the link below.

Q & A?

Ryan Kang

Co-Founder & COO

Ex- Real Estate Acquisitions & Developments Professional

Do you find our new feature interesting? Do you have any other components you wish to explore in our Market Stadium platform? Please feel free to reach out Ryan (

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