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Unveiling the Crucial Link between Job Sectors and Median Housing Rent

Source: Market Stadium Correlation Analysis, US Census Bureau

Market Stadium conducted an analysis to determine the job sectors that exhibit the highest correlation with median housing rent at the county-level. Among the 20 job sectors defined by the US Census Bureau, the following 5 sectors were found to have the strongest correlation with median rent for housing.

1.Professional, scientific, and technical services 79.18%

2.Real estate and rental and leasing 57.96%


4.Arts, entertainment, and recreation 45.19%

5.Management of companies and enterprises 44.36%

Considering the high correlation between these job sectors and median rent, it becomes significant for real estate developers and investors to closely monitor individuals employed in the aforementioned job segments. This information can prove valuable in guiding their investment decisions and strategic planning, as it highlights the potential impact of these specific job sectors on the local housing market.

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