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Eat, drink and be rich. Find the best retail locations with Market Stadium!

Explore locations with a concentration of retails on our platform.

Based on our latest data on the location of retails (e.g. grocery stores, restaurants, bars, cafes), we created the location of retail corridors. According to the location of retails, we identified clusters of location points by using the DBSCAN algorithm. Check out our new "Retail Corridor" option in the Layer drop-down list.

Each boundary represents an area where retails are clustered. In addition, you can easily explore the attributes of each retail corridor. Here are the attributes we provide:

  • Total number of retails

  • Total sales volume

  • Average sales volume per retail by category (bars, cafes, restaurants, grocery)

  • % of retail by category (bars, cafes, restaurants, grocery)

Below are the retail corridors identified by Market Stadium in Houston metropolitan area. We can see a large retail corridor located in the downtown area as well as small corridors on the west side. Simply by clicking it, you can explore the attributes of each retail corridor. For instance, we have 387 retails in the clustered area located downtown. 80.4 percent are restaurants, 11.6 percent are bars, and 5.7 percent are cafes.

Are you interested in residential properties?

One recent trend in understanding the value of housing is having a focus on amenities. Having a trendy restaurant or a cafe nearby your homeplace would definitely lead to a paradise. Instead, you might want to avoid areas with a large concentration of bars if you enjoy your silent moment during the nighttime. In addition, retail corridors are usually walkable which may serve as a space for residents to enjoy urban life. Here are some checkpoints you might want to consider:

  • Is your location of interest close to a retail corridor?

  • If yes, what are the characteristics of the retail corridor? Are their sales large or do they have plenty of restaurants?

Are you a commercial property investor?

As a commercial property investor, it is imperative to understand the characteristics of the place of your interest. Based on your investment purpose, you might want to look at retail corridors with different compositions of retail types. To add, you might be interested in areas where retailers are generating a huge amount of sales. Assuming that you have a place in mind, you can think about:

  • Which type of retails are mostly located in the corridor?

  • How large or small are the average sales per retail compared to nearby corridors?

Keep posted

The retail corridor feature will be updated every three months based on data availability. Existing retail corridors may vanish, while new retail corridors could emerge. Keep an eye-track on the changes in the location and attributes of retail corridors.

Q & A?

Jay Ha

Head of Urban Research

Doctoral student in Urban Planning at USC

Do you find our new feature interesting? Do you have any other components you wish to explore in our Market Stadium platform? Please feel free to reach out Jay (

If you want to sign up for Trial:

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